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The OC Icons

Welcome To The Dark Side

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Community Rules:

No rudeness will be tolerated. Keep the community friendly.

Please do not promote your community here unless it is directly related to The OC, and even then once is enough.

Keep posts on topic. This means only posts with icons or icon requests or other The OC graphics will be allowed.

Feel free to post 'friends only' banners, headers, graphics of any sort. However, they must be The OC or The OC actor-related, and please keep large images under a LJ-Cut tag.

There will be absolutely no spoilers permitted. Icons made from pictures/quotes/requests for icons from an episode that has not already aired MUST be placed behind an LJ-Cut tag with a spoiler warning. To be safe, we'll say that a spoiler is anything from an episode until the Thursday morning after it airs in the US. Respect those members that wish to avoid spoilers at all costs.

This is a Drama-Free Zone. If you have a problem with someone/something posted, please contact one of the moderators and we'll handle it appropriately. If you have to be warned more than twice, you'll be banned from the community.

Most importantly, have fun. :)

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